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About Us

Have you be thinking about becoming a nurse and just don’t know the road that you need to take or what type of nurse that you want to become? Nursing is not just a career, it is about being passionate about helping other people and building relationships with your patients. NursingExaminer.com was born to help you figure out what nursing career path you would like to choose and how to advance in your career.

Use our site to help you navigate through different nursing career options as well as choosing the right nursing schools.

We also provide you with in-depth online nursing program reviews to help you decide what program is suited best for your needs depending on what type of nurse you wish to become.

Our nursing blog is written by several nurses with a vast amount of experience in different areas of nursing. You will gain real world insight from their experiences, educational resources, and tips to help you out to become a better nurse.

About our writers

Kelley Ward
Kelley Ward Ph.D., RN, C

I spend my days multi-tasking between raising my 3 boys and working from home as a freelance writer at Elsevier Health, HubPages, and my personal blog.

My experiences as a child and family development researcher, registered nurse, type 1 diabetic, health nut, and gluten-free foodie, inspire my writing. Connect with Kelley on Twitter and Google+


Katherine Bengan
Katherine Bengan RN, MSN

I am a Nurse Faculty and a freelance medical writer. My topics of special interest are Psychiatric Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Critical Care, and Nursing Informatics.

As a freelance writer, I made myself available to several online writing platforms like Elance and Freelancer. In the midst of meeting deadlines and writing lesson plans, I manage my own personal website and still find time to read a good book. Follow me on Twitter and Google+