RN Case Managers Ensure Quality Patient Care

RN Case Manager

A RN case manager works to guarantee prompt and efficient healthcare services to patients during their stay in a medical facility. Job Duties and Responsibilities Acting as a liaison between physicians, patients, and other providers Evaluating test results and other procedures to determine if they are effective Supervising the licensed practical nurses …

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The Different Types of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and How to Become One

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Advanced practice registered nurses have many responsibilities and can act independently of physicians. Where do Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Work? These nurses can work in several settings such as clinics, doctors’ offices, home healthcare agencies, hospitals, and schools. Job Duties Advanced practice registered nurses provide several services depending on their education …

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Search for Registered Nurse Jobs

With the current average salary being $66,000 per year and rising due to the shortage of RN’s, find a great job in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home should be fairly easy depending on the state that you live in. Now that you have obtained your RN degree and passed …

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Find a RN School in Your Area

Noted as one of the best career choices by many national publications, there has never been a better time to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Not only does the job come with great health benefits, but it also provides a lucrative salary that will continue to rise as …

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Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying Among RN’s

nurse bullying

The public likes to think of registered nurses as a group of caring, committed  individuals who work together to improve the health and well being of patients. Although this is true for most RN’s, there is a hidden epidemic of bullying in the workplace in the profession. An online article …

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